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5 Benefits of a Brand New Dental Fitout

August 25th 2023
A brand new-fit out can work wonders for any business, and dental clinics are no exception. Whether you're a long-running clinic or starting anew, a custom fitout is the chance to rebrand and revitalise the space for all involved.

As we will cover throughout this article, adjusting the layout, functionality and appearance of your clinic can make a major difference. This difference not only translates to a better patient experience, but also the day-to-day experience of your dentists and dental assistants.

Dental fitouts may involve unique cabinetry, cut-outs and storage solutions. Of course, any adjustments to the practice should be in line with current ADA requirements. Despite this, there are avenues to combine creativity with functionality and compliance. This process also allows for the implementation of sustainable infrastructure that can lead to further cost savings in the long term.

With all of that in mind, let's jump right into five of the key benefits.

1. Upgrade Current Facilities

Whether you need to add new treatment areas or create a more modern dental practice, a brand-new fitout is a great opportunity to improve your current facilities. A fresh, modern and fully equipped clinic allows you to expand and attract new clientele.

A dental office fit-out can involve any of the following aspects:
  • Reception
  • Waiting room seating
  • Surgeries
  • Staff rooms
  • Admin & storage space
  • Sterilisation/Lab area

From new reception and waiting areas to the treatment itself, updating these aspects helps to give your patients a well-rounded experience. Remember, patient trust is a cornerstone of dentistry, which is why it is so important for your clinic to be as accommodating as possible.

While there is the chance for customisation, the joinery process itself is about adapting existing dental practice designs in line with the current ADA requirements. Of course, a fit out still gives you the chance for creativity around branding, image and design aesthetic.

Accessibility from room to room is another aspect to keep in mind. A new layout, for example, has the chance to improve the flow between spaces for both staff and patients alike. This reworked layout may also be able to improve overall patient and employee efficiency and safety.


2. Attract and Retain New Patients

Patient experience is incredibly important for any dentistry clinic. Visiting the dentist can already cause anxiety, and this is why there is all the more reason to create an environment that feels comfortable and welcoming. This is particularly important for young children and patients with special needs.

The addition of brand new reception furniture, waiting room seating, and state-of-the-art surgeries are all ways to improve a patient's end-to-end experience. This way, when the time comes for their next general check-up, they are more likely to return sooner rather than later. Building a strong pipeline of patient recommendations is a great way to build your business organically.

Patients that have had a positive visit are also more likely to recommend your practice to their friends, family or work colleagues. In contrast, a layout that feels dated or unwelcoming may have the opposite effect. Overall, custom medical fitouts put you in a great position to develop and maintain long-term relationships with patients.

3. Stay Up-to-Date With Industry Regulations

If you run a dentistry clinic in Australia, your practice must adhere to current ADA regulations. This applies to everything from hygiene practices to the equipment used. For surgeries and sterilisation rooms, there are also specific spatial guidelines that must be met in order to perform various dental procedures. As such, this is another important reason to work with a joinery company that specialises in dental/medical fitouts.

Specialist medical joiners will carefully consider ADA requirements to make sure that any desks, benches and cabinets meet the necessary industry standards, as well as allowing for the proper access to and use of dental equipment. Rapid changes can occur in dental technology and it’s important that your clinic adapts to these advancements

Considering current industry standards and regulations allows you to seamlessly add new cutting-edge dental technology and tools, helping you to reach compliance and maximise the functionality of the equipment itself. This step also works to prevent costly renovations in the future.

4. Improve Staff Morale

Dental practitioners and receptionists often work long hours, which is all the more reason to make sure they are looked after. Changes to interior design, therefore, can make a significant difference to staff morale, motivation, productivity, and performance.

Whether you're adding more space, new break rooms or moving on from dated furniture and equipment, all aspects can translate to positive results in other areas. Where relevant, employee involvement in the design process can also stimulate a sense of ownership and pride in their workspace.

Across the board, a custom dental clinic fitout is a great way to breathe new life into your space. Beyond the fact that dentistry is a customer facing industry, it also requires the proper environment for the dentists and workforce themselves, so keep this in mind as you start to formulate a dental fitout plan.

You’ll be surprised at just how much excitement a new fitout can generate within your dentistry team.


5. The Chance to Rebrand

If you're considering a dental fitout in Melbourne, take the time to think about your target demographic. For example, some fitouts can be centered on creating a family-friendly practice for young children, while others aim to achieve a modern professional image. A working environment that reflects brand values can play a pivotal role in attracting your target demographic.

Of course, if your clinic is considering a name change or becoming a subset of a larger framework of dental practices, a new fitout allows you to do so in seamless fashion. This way, receptions, surgeries and waiting areas will now be able to feature the new branding. Establishing a unique brand and image is also another way to stand out from other nearby dental practices.

A distinct brand helps to build trust and recognition among your patients. This is particularly important if you are running multiple clinics in the same city or in various locations across the country.

So, if you're considering a custom medical fitout in and around Melbourne, this could be the perfect chance to revamp your clinic.

Additional Benefits

The five areas mentioned above are just a quick snapshot of the overall picture. Here are some of the other positive by-products of a custom dental fit-out:

Less Maintenance: Dental clinics are busy places. Whether you cater to kids, adults or patients of all ages, property maintenance can easily fall by the wayside. This is usually exacerbated in environments with outdated layouts, equipment and facilities. A new fitout, therefore, can have a noticeable difference and make regular maintenance significantly easier than before. The opportunity to improve ongoing maintenance is one not to be missed.

Improve Accessibility: Whether you're focused on cosmetic dentistry or kids dentistry, it is important to make your clinic as accessible as possible to patients. With the right planning, a new fitout can address this issue head on and ultimately, make the space practical to all who visit or work there on a regular basis. A clinic with ample space for wheelchairs and strollers allows you to accommodate a wider spectrum of patients.

Stand Out from the Competition: Beyond the quality of your dentistry treatments, the overall experience is key to patient retention. Creating a relaxed, inviting, stylish and functional space is an excellent way to make your clinic stand apart from the average. As we noted earlier, patients that have had a positive experience may also recommend the clinic to others. Word-of-mouth referrals are an organic and effective way to grow your business


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