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The Benefits of an Open Plan Kitchen

March 08th 2024

While design is subjective, certain trends and styles are undeniable. Over the past decade, the open plan kitchen has become a hallmark of residential and commercial designs across Australia. From opening up space in small apartments to combining kitchen and living rooms, this is an approach that is certainly here to stay.

First popularised at the turn of the 20th century, ‘open plan’ designs were birthed out of a need to make more efficient use of smaller residential environments. Beyond the issue of limited space, open plans were also a way to create multi-purpose spaces that were no longer confined to a single activity or goal.

Today, we’re going to explore the main goal of this approach, as well as dive into five benefits of adding an open plan kitchen to your space.

An Efficient Use of Space

If you’ve ever lived or visited a residential building built in the 1950s, 60s, or 70s, there’s a high likelihood that the kitchen and living rooms will have been separate rooms. In some cases, these rooms were even positioned at opposite ends of the apartment/house. Here, the kitchen was seen as its own space that needed to be kept separate from living and dining areas.

Today, open plan living has completely transformed how we plan and make use of space. This also extends to kitchens in offices and other commercial settings. In fact, it’s equally relevant in commercial spaces where every inch counts, especially if you want to better accommodate staff and optimise workflow.

As we’ll touch on later, eliminating the separation of kitchen and living room spaces also allows you to allocate more space for bathrooms, kitchens, and studies.

The Flexibility of Multipurpose Spaces:

One of the most compelling advantages of open plan kitchens is the way in which they cater to different functions, purposes, and activities. While traditional kitchens were confined to their designated area and seen as utilitarian spaces for meal preparation, this approach has since been flipped on its head.

Open plan layouts have revolutionised the way we make use of this space by blurring the boundaries between cooking, dining, entertaining and lounge room areas. This flexibility gives homeowners the chance to personalise their living spaces according to their unique lifestyle preferences and changing needs. For instance, during casual gatherings or family gatherings, the kitchen island can seamlessly transition from a food preparation station to a social hub where guests can mingle and interact with the host.

The removal of partition walls also facilitates better sightlines and communication between different zones, enhancing the overall functionality and usability of the space. Additionally, open plan kitchens provide a canvas for creativity and customisation. This way, designers can experiment with various layouts, furniture arrangements, and design elements to reflect their unique personalities and preferences.

From cosy reading nooks by the window to the installation of a built-in workstation for remote work, the flexibility of open plan layouts encourages homeowners to think outside the box and optimise their living spaces to suit their individual needs and preferences.


Above all, open plan kitchens create unrivalled connectivity and foster a sense of togetherness among household members. This, in turn, opens the door to more meaningful interactions and shared experiences. Unlike traditional layouts, where the cook would often be isolated from the rest of the family or guests, open plan designs allow the chef to remain involved in conversations, or even watch TV in the background. Whether it's kids doing homework at the dining table while parents prepare dinner or friends congregating around the kitchen island during a casual get-together, the seamless integration of kitchen and living spaces guarantees that no one feels excluded or isolated.

This spatial arrangement not only strengthens familial bonds, but also helps to improve the social fabric of a household. If your goal is to create a warm, welcoming and well-connected environment for all, an open plan is definitely a great way to go. From a design standpoint, these layouts also facilitate better natural light penetration and airflow throughout the space, which contributes to a healthier and more inviting environment.

Of course, as we noted earlier, the social aspect is key to household connectivity. Whether it's hosting dinner parties, holiday gatherings, or impromptu get-togethers, open plan kitchens provide the perfect setting for socialising and making lasting memories with loved ones.

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More Space for Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Without an open plan arrangement, your home may be making inefficient use of the overall space. What do we mean? Rather than having to cordon off the living room and kitchen to separate spaces, you can combine them together and create a much more space-efficient setup.

By eliminating walls and corridors that traditionally segregated the kitchen from other parts of the home, this will free up valuable square footage that can be reallocated to bedrooms and bathrooms.

In practical terms, this means larger and more spacious sleeping quarters and bathing facilities, offering occupants a greater sense of comfort and luxury in their private retreats. Removing barriers between the kitchen and adjacent rooms, of course, opens the door to opportunities for creative space-saving solutions and innovative design concepts. In turn, this allows homeowners to maximise every inch of available space without compromising on style or functionality.

Whether it's incorporating built-in storage solutions, installing sliding doors for better space utilisation, or reconfiguring the layout to optimise natural light and ventilation, open plan kitchens enable homeowners to create bespoke living environments that cater to their specific needs and preferences.

Accessibility and Flow

Another significant advantage of open plan kitchens is the improvement in accessibility and flow within the living space. Traditional kitchen layouts often featured narrow corridors and tight corners, which could hinder movement and create bottlenecks, especially in high-traffic areas.

Open plan designs eliminate these spatial constraints by promoting a more fluid and interconnected layout that facilitates seamless movement and navigation throughout the home. With the kitchen seamlessly integrated with the living and dining areas, occupants can move freely between different zones without encountering obstacles or barriers.

This enhanced accessibility is particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities, as it eliminates the need to navigate tight spaces and awkward transitions. Overall, it can make the home more inclusive and accommodating for everyone. Additionally, these layouts promote better visibility and supervision, which allows parents to keep an eye on children while cooking or entertaining guests.

Accessibility and flow is never something to overlook. By adopting an open plan design, you may be able to create a more functional and user-friendly living environment for both occupants and guests alike.

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